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November 18th, 2020

As Thanksgiving approaches and almost a year after my first post, I recognize that it can be really difficult to realize dreams. According to Elizabeth Gilbert, ideas are entities all on their own and if you don't feed and nurture them, they will run off to live with someone else who is ready to bring them to fruition.

I believe this. I have seen it time and time again in my own life, as I am a big dreamer of dreams. I am also a doer, but it can be difficult to continue on the path when the progress is slow.

One must continue to find inspiration in the rawness of the every day and still be able to visualize the coming glory of a realized idea. Right now, for me so much of that is trying to see what our half built home will eventually look like. It is figuring out ways to bolster my daughter's happiness and creativity and resiliency in a time where she has limited contact with other children. In a world in which we are all struggling to find our core and prop it up.

It is an opportunity to build a strong inner life, that is not always inherent in our society, where we generally search for outside approval. So, for the time being, I will try everyday to rely on my internal resourcefulness to teach my daughter to do the same, because happiness is something we make inside of ourselves.

Going on an adventure

December 4th 2019

We are taking a leap of faith.  We are leaving our jobs and our lives behind in search of a life more conducive to being parents, to being present, to being closer to the earth. 

We are on a mission to save the home my Grandparents lovingly cherished. It was the hub of my family life growing up and integral to who I am today. And I want that for my daughter. I want that for Will's kids.

I want them to experience the magic of a full day on the beach followed by an evening around a campfire. I want them to relish being in the woods. The freedom of knowing you are totally safe in a world where we are rarely totally safe anymore. I hope they see hundreds of dragon flies flying betwixt similarly colored Lupin and Bald eagles perched above them in the trees. The phenomenal beauty of a place that still offers such a deep connection to nature.

We will tend garden. We will raise chickens and we will restore the parts of the cabin in need of care. We will make improvements while respecting the stunning simplicity of it's integral beauty. The knotty logs will stay the same but we will fix the sticky doors.

It is a gift I am looking forward to with the fervor of a kid at Christmas. We have big plans and I am dreaming up more every day.